My Interests

Video Production

Here is the link to my YouTube channel which contains a view samples of videos which I produced for my high school TV channel, HunTV.

In high school, I am proud to say I took 3 years of Video Production classes.  These courses were easily some of my favorites to this day.  I was able to come up with my own ideas for segments and then show them off to the entire school every week.  There was nothing like being able to witness all of your schoolmates laughing and enjoying your work and raving about it the rest of the day!

I took it to fill an arts requirement but it ended up becoming one of my passions.  I am excited to continue similar courses throughout the rest of my college career.


Creativity is a characteristic that allows me to thrive when I can showcase it.  Visual designs have always been something that people say I have a talent for.  In high school, I took an entrepreneurship class and I came up with the idea for a t-shirt business.  Red’s Threads was my company name (my nickname in high school was Reds because of my red hair).  Red’s Threads started off with creating designs and printing t-shirts for small groups such as individual students, teams, teachers, etc.  However, we quickly expanded to produce for school-wide occasions: our entire student fan section, fundraising dress down days (where you had to buy a shirt in order to dress down, all money went to a cause), etc.  I included some sample designs below including the senior trip designs, company logo, 2014 ski trip design, etc.

When I reached the professional level, I was with a non-profit, Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance.  I modified their entire website by manipulating their website platform and computer coding, which were both self-taught.

Just RelaxJust Relax (FINAL)SeniorSunglassesLogo

Middle School Softball Picture

SkiTripSenior Trip Final Shirt 1 PICTURE

Senior Trip Final Shirt 2 PICTURE


I was exposed to many different parts of the world at a very early age.  I have family all over Europe and the United States!  I had the privilege to constantly travel and see many parts of the beautiful world we live in and expose myself to a variety of cultures and individuals.  Traveling has become a passion of mine.  Even if I am held down during the summer with responsibilities, I will be sure to make weekend road trips to visit friends and family who are relatively close by.



I have always been interested in business specifically because of the marketing strategies and communication with coworkers that is involved.  Marketing has been my focus because I wanted to be involved with business but I also wanted to be able to add some creativity to my work.

Creativity is very important to me.  I am interested in design, management, and entrepreneurship because I believe those paths allow me to put my own spin on my work.  I also would love a job where I can have constant communication with my coworkers and superiors and develop my network further.

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    Alexa I think the designs you have done are awesome! It is so cool that you have been to Europe already. It is great that you want to take your creative skills to the business world I really hope you are able to do so in the future.

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