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I’ve always wanted to travel the world. I had my first opportunity to travel out of the United States in April 2014. I spent two weeks in Europe. One week was spent in London, England. The other week between Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France. It was amazing to be able to experience the cultural differences first hand and to visit the famous sites of all of these great cities. I am excited to continue traveling in Fall 2017 when I study abroad in Rome, Italy.


I have always had a strong passion for music. I started singing when I was about 4 years old. I taught myself how to play piano when I was a freshman in high school. Two years ago I began to teach myself how to play the ukulele. In high school I performed at my school talent shows and was the lead in my class musical junior year.



My favorite class that I have taken at Loyola University is my Marketing 240 class. This class made me want to declare my major as marketing because I found all of the different components on the field so interesting. Through this class I was able to learn about marketing strategies that major companies use today and analyze companies to determine what strategies they should use to better their marketing.

Here is a sample slideshow presentation on the company Lululemon that my team and I worked on for this class:


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    Hi Alexandria! I also have an interest in traveling as I studied abroad this past semester! My roommate traveled to Rome for study abroad and had an amazing time! You seem like a very well rounded student as you are involved in the music department which is something companies definitely look for. Good luck and enjoy your time abroad!

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