Hiking & Outdoor Adventures

I really enjoy hiking, the outdoors, and adventuring! Here are some of my outdoor adventures memories I have had the past  few years!


Skyline Trail Blue Hills Reservation


Blue Hills Reservation (Movie Theater View)


Buckhill Blue Hills Reservation (Milton,MA)


Ponkapoag Board Walk (Milton,MA)


Purgatory Chasm State Reservation (MA)


Cape Cod Rail Trail (MA)


Appalachian Trail (Maryland)

Bash Bish Falls State Park (MA/NY)

Bash Bish Falls State Park (MA/NY)

Potamac River, MD (Whitewater Kayaking)

Potamac River (Whitewater Kayaking)

Soldiers Delight (Meditation Hike)

Soldiers Delight Owings Mills, MD (Meditation Hike)

Whitings Neck Cave, West Virginia

Whitings Neck Cave, West Virginia

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