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I have been involved with Relay for Life since my freshman year at Loyola. I was on the fundraising committee my freshman year and on the executive board for the sponsorship committee this year. It is a big commitment, but something I am truly passionate about. We meet every Tuesday for 2 hours: 1 hour for the executive board meeting and the next hour for the full-committee meeting. We also talk about  important dates and what’s necessary for the preparation of the event. The event this year was on March 25th and was a huge success. 

This year's full committee for the 2017 event

This year’s full committee for the 2017 event

Relay for Life 2017 Event

About Relay for Life:

Relay for Life is a campus-wide event that raises money for the American Cancer Society. The event runs from 3p.m. to 3a.m. and consists of different activities to help raise money. However, most of the fundraising is done before the actual event. All of the money raised before and during the event goes to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research and provide services and benefits to cancer patients.

rfl 16


Fundraising Committee (2016):

I worked with my subcommittee to brainstorm fundraising events. I also promoted fundraising events, worked at the Mission Table, contacted businesses for fundraising nights, etc.

Sponsorship Committee (Exec 2017):

It is the job of the Sponsorship committee to reach out to corporations and ask them for help raising money for this amazing cause. We prepare for the event all year long. I work alongside my co-executive members in the sponsorship committee, as well as the executive members from other committees to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. We are also in charge of getting sponsors for the event and basket donors for our raffle. At the event, the sponsorship committee is responsible for running the raffle and showing gratitude towards sponsors.

relay 2

RFL 2016 (Olympic Themed Event)

caitlyn murphy rfl committee photo

RFL 2017 (Superhero Themed Event)

Why I Relay:

I relay to end the suffering caused by cancer. I relay for my nana, who passed away from lung cancer my senior year of high school, and my grandma, who is a survivor of breast cancer. I also relay for all of those who suffer from cancer, including cancer patients, caregivers of cancer patients, and for anyone who is affected by cancer in any way. All of the money raised by Relay for Life goes to the American Cancer Society. Not only does the American Cancer Society help fund cancer research, it also provides a wide variety of services and benefits for cancer patients.

My Team at the Event this Year: 

“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Cancer Killers”

On top of being involved in the Relay for Life committee and club, I was also part of a team during the event. My team sold polaroid pictures and baked goods, including oreo truffles, cookie dough truffles, and chocolate-covered pretzels during the event. We also used a lot of decorations to attract potential buyers.


Me and some of my teammates at our table during the event

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