At Loyola there are various classes that I must take in order to finish off with a Finance major and Information Systems minor. I took Information Systems this semester and it has truly led to my deep interest in the subject and how it ties closely to business. I feel that having an Information Systems minor will benefit me with skills that will cause me to stand out amongst other applicants or co-workers.

Throughout the semester we worked with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Qualtrics. We also submitted a total of three blog posts that were about recent technological innovations that companies have used to improve productivity, financial efficiency, cyber security, etc.

Additionally, we were to complete a Stock Price Analysis Project using Excel to work with a good amount of data. The company I chose to use for the stock price indicator was Microsoft. Based on the closing prices, the volume of stocks, interest rates, commodity stock prices, competitors stock prices, and consumer sentiment I was able to create a stock price indicator model that processes data and indicates whether shares of Microsoft should be bought, sold or held depending on how recent patterns of the stock price have reacted in relation to the variables listed above. Below is a screenshot of my excel stock price indicator model.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.33.54 PM


To conclude the project, I was assigned to write a Stock Price Indicator Report that includes analysis on the data and how each variable impacts Microsoft’s stock price.

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