Here is a list of courses that I have taken in my time at Loyola University Maryland

Fall 2015

  • CS118 – Computers, Robots, and Minds
  • FR102 – Introductory French II
  • HS101 – Making of the Modern World: Europe
  • TH201 – Introduction to Theology
  • WR100 – Effective Writing

Spring 2016

  • SA224 – Two-Dimensional Design
  • FR162 – Comprehensive Intermediate French (6 credits)
  • EN101 – Understanding Literature
  • PH120 – Intro to the Universe

Fall 2016

  • EN205 – Major Writers: Shakespeare
  • MG201 – Management
  • AC201 – Financial Accounting
  • PL201 – Foundations of Philosophy
  • IS251 – Information Systems

Spring 2017

  • FI320 – Financial Management
  • MK201 – Marketing
  • AC202 – Managerial Accounting
  • IB282 – International Business
  • IS353 – Data Management & Database Systems

Credits upon entry

  • EC102 – Microeconomic Principles
  • EC103 – Macroeconomic Principles
  • EC220 – Business Statistics
  • MA251 – Calculus I

I have found my history class (HS101) and my informations systems class (IS251) to be the most interesting courses that I have taken so far at Loyola. I have enjoyed information systems because it has dealt a lot with learning how to use technology to analyze different aspects of a business such as sales, customers, and strategy. History was interesting because my professor taught the class in a way that went against the lenses through which European history is traditionally taught.

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