My Interests

My interests include:



I have been heavily involved in service through my church since my freshman year of high school. I have gone on service based mission trips to West Virginia, New York, Jamaica, and San Francisco. Durring that time I did things like work in food pantries, cared for recoving drug addicts, repaired houses, and even built three small houses. The most recent service trip that I have been on was last semester over spring break when I went on a service-learning trip to Washington D.C.. I have also done smaller service activities through my church and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Loyola. I love doing service because it is a way that I live out my faith and it allows me to meet and build relationships with people whom I would have otherwise never known.



I enjoy theology because it is one of the ways that I can go deeper in my faith. I like learning about what the Bible teaches and the implications of its teachings on the ways in which the world operates. I also find it interesting to learn about other religions and belief systems and how they view the world. I am currently in a leadership role with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Loyola which has allowed me to engage in deep conversation about the Bible and about other people’s beliefs and my own beliefs.


Image of Harmons Jamaica — “Mission Spotlight: Jamaica.” Every Square Inch. 25 Nov. 2015. Web. 12 Nov. 2016.


I think a big contributor in my desire to travel has been my aunt who devoted so much of her life to exploring the world. Over the span of 97 years she traveled to all but four countries and also Antarctica. As a result, I have had the opportunity to hear many stories of her travels. The thing that has drawn me to these stories is the discovery of how big the world really is. I am fascinated by the many different cultures of the world that are rooted in so much history (another one of my interests) which have produced a great diversity of architecture, traditions, and people. So far I have had the opportunity to Jamaica and China where I was able to interact with the people and the cultures that were present. I have also been able to do some travel throughout the United States.

Other interests

  • markets
  • technology
  • business transactions
  • watching and playing sports
  • drawing
  • history
  • statistical analysis
  • math

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