Personal Interests and Volunteer Work

I have a firm belief that if one is part of a community, he or she must be involved within the community. Stemming from this belief, I have developed a deep passion for service and volunteer work. During my High School years, I volunteered my time at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg. From all my four years at Pocono Medical Center, I’ve acquired a skill set that is valuable to any business. I’ve learned to interact with people during  difficult times, giving me the ability to be sensitive to others’ emotions and also to interact accordingly if a person chooses to be non-compliant. Also, I learned the importance of being responsible and accountable for my duties on the job. Aside from volunteer work, I like to be engaged in music. I’ve been playing guitar since 2009 and have played the piano since 2015. I have a deep interest in music and always set aside free time to be immersed in the music world.

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