During my time at Loyola I’ve gained a great amount of useful knowledge for the business world. Being at Loyola, I am emerged in a Liberal Arts Core curriculum which has broadened my mind towards several subject matters. While all of these classes have made me a more knowledgable person, few stand out. Macroeconomics, Info Systems, and Accounting have been my favorite classes so far.

Macroeconomics was the push I needed to declare myself as a Finance Major. I loved learning about how the economy works in a broader perspective. Topics on national income, GDP, and national interest rates glued my interests towards the business world.

Information Systems has also been helpful to me in my college career. While enrolled in this class my skills have increased immensely through the platforms of Excel, Access, and Qualtrics. Through the completion of a Stock Price Analysis project I was able to become knowledgable in data analysis, and regression analytics. I have also improved my analytic skills with an Access, and survey data project.

Accounting was another course that pushed me to officially declare as a Finance major. While enrolled in this class I learned how to prepare journal entries, income statements, bank ledgers, and many other accounting reports. I learned the different inventory systems, depreciation and stock issuance. I was intrigued with each topic discussed, and am eager to apply my knowledge in a real world situation.

These are the courses I have completed or are in the process of completing.

Current Courses

  • TH265 World Christianity
  • MG201 Management
  • MA151 Applied Calculus
  • AC202 Managerial Accounting
  • IS251 Information Systems

Previous Courses

  • PS101 Politics
  • SN103 Intermediate Spanish I
  • HS102 Mkn Mdrn Wrld:United States I
  • EC102 Microeconomic Principles
  • EN101 Understanding Literature
  • WR100 Effective Writing
  • PL201 Foundations of Philosophy
  • PT270 Basic Digital Photography
  • EC103 Macroeconomic Principles
  • SN104 Intermediate Spanish II
  • AC201 Financial Accounting
  • MAT110 Precalculus
  • BL113 Human Biology
  • CS111 Intro Comp w/Software Applic
  • TH201 Introduction to Theology
  • MK240 Marketing

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