Classwork Portfolio

Nearing the halfway point of my college career I have written many papers, and completed an array of projects. Here is a glimpse into all of the hard work I’ve produced over the past four semesters.


These three links lead to articles I have written on how different forms of IT are impacting corporations, and individuals around the world.

Blog: The NFL and RFID Data

Blog: IBM’s Watson Changing the World

Blog: Virtual Reality as Therapy

-Stock Price Analysis Project

During the Spring Semester of 2016 I completed a stock price analysis project for Information systems. The objective of this project was to pick one publicly traded corporation, and come up with several independent variables that may impact the stock price. The company I chose was Nike due to its dominant control of the sports apparel industry. I was also curious to see if Nike has grown in correlation to its powerful sponsorship in major sports. Here are some screenshots of my findings through research, and regression.

Click the pictures for a more detailed look!





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