I enjoy staying active and exploring the community I live in.  I love to ski, run, travel and immerse myself in the culture around me.  I actively participate in community service and attend panels and information sessions regarding social issues.  I am a dedicated Philadelphia sports fan and love exploring local shops and restaurants in my home city.





I enjoy organizing and creating schedules, spreadsheets and documents that help make my life and my coworkers lives  a little easier.  I also enjoy market research and analyzing a group of people based off specific demographics and psychographics.  I currently work as the graphic designer in my office so I enjoy working with the whole Adobe Suite but previously I held the Social Media position where I consistently used social media as a way to connect with students on campus.  I also used MailChimp to design, write and publish a weekly e-newsletter to students and faculty across campus.



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    It was very fascinating reading about your vast interests. While you are a Marketing major and immerse yourself in organizations on campus that fit towards market research and creating spreadsheets, you also have many interests outside that field. From attending panels to community service, you sound very devoted to your community not because of requirements but because you genuinely love to be involved! Hope you have more opportunities to develop your interests in the future!

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    Wow Elena, you sure do have a lot of personal interests! I really respect that you are so involved in your surrounding community and have such a passion for community service!

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    Awesome page Elena! I think its incredible that you are incorporating your creativity into your job. It seems like you love what you do at Center for Community Service and Justice. I recently got involved with volunteering at CCSJ, so it would be awesome to connect and learn about the other types of opportunities they offer.

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