Work Experience

Work Experience

I started my first official paying job in 2010 when I was 13 as a part-time floater at Malvern Day Camp and I have been working ever since.  I was asked back to Malvern summer after summer and worked there for 5 summers spanning my entire time in high school into the summer before my sophomore year in college.  My first year at Loyola I became very interested in service which is how I found my job at CCSJ.  This past summer I applied for and was hired as the Marketing Intern for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society which was my first experience in the corporate working world.  I am looking forward to moving up in the ranks at my Loyola-based jobs and also experiencing new marketing internships throughout the corporate world.


Camp Counselor | Malvern Day Camp | Glen Mills, PA | 2010 – 2015

My first paid job was a part-time floater at Malvern Day Camp, a camp I attended since I was 10.  I worked my way up from the part-time floater position to a full time floater to a full time junior counselor and then a full time senior counselor.  I started the job working with 5 year olds and then spent my last 2 years managing a group of 20+ eleven year olds.  The job was tiring emotionally and physically since we spent all day outdoors and I had to navigate the drama of preteens but it was also an incredibly fulfilling job and I treasure my time at the camp.

The skills I learned from this job were:

  • How to organize a successful weekly schedule and how to adapt the schedule in certain situations.
  • Developed and refined interpersonal, problem solving and management skills.




Creative Assistant and Publicity Assistant | Center for Community Service and Justice| Baltimore, MD | August 2015 – Present

I found out about this on-campus job through the weekly service I did my first year at Loyola.  Having a passion for service, social justice and marketing this job checked all the boxes.  The job taught me the basics of office work life – we had weekly team meetings, staff meetings and deadlines to meet.

The skills I learned were:

  • How to promote, manage and market the Center to students, faculty and neighboring communities.
  • How to successfully manage multiple social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest).
  • Time management – the job required 15 hours a week on top of school and the clubs I was involved with.


Marketing Intern | Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS)| Philadelphia, PA | May 2016 – August 2016

This job was my first interaction in the working world outside of my Loyola bubble.  I had to research the job and the company, apply and then go through a series of interviews before being hired.  PHS was an amazing learning experience – I had the chance to work closely with the Digital Content Manager to improve digital content, maintain a consistent voice and constantly update all social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).  I went to different sites, meat many people and learned how to successfully work in the open-office setting.   I even had the chance to write some posts for the PHS blog and conduct interviews with important leaders throughout PHS.

The skills I learned from this job were:

  • How to run a cohesive social media campaign across various platforms.
  • Use social media to organize, run and monitor promotional events and content.
  • How to work on a creative team and analyze data that will help us improve our relationships with our clients.

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