Leadership Experience




Top: The students representing Loyola University Maryland at AASLE 2016; Bottom: A fellow student and I with Carlos Davis, who led a networking workshop

In January 2016, I was nominated by the Office of ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) Services to attend the African American Student Leadership Experience as part of an initiative to develop a similar experience for Asian-American/Pacific Islander students. A group of fellow Loyola students and I spent 3 intensive days absorbing knowledge from several African-American keynote speakers elaborating on how they became successful in their careers and personal lives. I was able to discern the steps to success with the theme #Dare2Lead guiding my experience at this conference.



Top: MAP participants posing in front of one of MLK’s memorable quote in Washington D.C. ; Middle: MAP participants spelling out L-O-Y-O-L-A in front of the MLK Memorial;Bottom: Office of ALANA Services Staff and MAP Navigators spelling out A-L-A-N-A at the MLK Memorial during the 2016 Multicultural Awareness Program

Over this past summer (2016) I was a Navigator, which is a student leadership position in charge of an orientation program for incoming first-year students, called the Multicultural Awareness Program (MAP), which is through the Office of ALANA Services.  This experience allowed me to show 54 first-year students a brief, but engaging overview of what the Loyola community, Baltimore community, and Washington D.C. have to offer.



One of my first-year students and I during our mentor/mentee trip to Hampdenfest 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland

In addition to being a MAP Navigator, it is also my responsibility to be a mentor for first-year ALANA students. I currently mentor 2 first-year students. Ultimately, I serve them by guiding them towards an understanding and appreciation for the college culture, introducing them to extra curricular activities on campus, as well as assisting them in achieving academic and personal growth.

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