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Pictures that I have taken during my time in Photography Club

In my first two years of high school, I participated in Photography Club where we created a space for sharing and critiquing each other’s photography skills.  This was done through weekly projects, taking various photos that related to the “theme of the week,” such as “macro photography” and “black and white.”  While I was in photography club, I was able to figure out some of my favorite techniques were and favorite subjects for photos.  The two pictures above are some of my favorite photos while in Photography Club.



Upper left: Me posing with the 1st place trophy from the 2014 NJSSA State Championship; Upper right: Me and my teammate posing with our 1st place trophy from the 2014 NJSSA Six Flags Step Invitational; Bottom: My step team competing at the Youth Step USA, Inc. NJ Regional Competition

I also participated in my high school step team, called the Blue Fire Step Team, for three years.  After my first year, I discovered that stepping was one of my passions.  In my senior year, I was able to lead my team as a co-captain.While on the step team I developed a strong sense of discipline, teamwork skills, and  a stellar work ethic.   My team and I have won first place titles at the state and national level under the New Jersey State Step Association (including the Six Flags Great Adventure Step Invitational), and a third place title at the regional level under Youth Step USA, Inc.



The co-founders of Unleashed Step Team at Loyolapalooza 2016

When I entered Loyola University Maryland in the Fall of 2015, I started a step team on campus, called the Unleashed Step Team, and up until now we have performed at various events on campus throughout the year, including Loyola’s annual Relay For Life event and the end-of-the-year event Loyolapalooza. I serve as the student president and co-founder of the Unleashed Step Team, and it has been a humbling experience so far navigating as the leader of a club that I started.



Above: Advanced Hip-Hop Class performing during the  Dance Company Fall 2015 Showcase; Below: Loyola Dance Crew performing at Loyolapalooza 2016

In addition, I have been active in the Loyola Dance Company since the fall of 2015, and currently as a co-teacher for the Intermediate Hip-Hop Class and the Dance Crew, where I get to collaborate with other students to put on a performance with a diverse pool of dance styles.  I am also a dancer for the Advanced Hip-Hop Class.




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