Extracurricular Activities


Our club lacrosse team competing in Philadelphia, March 2016

  • As a student, I try to immerse myself in activities that occur on my university’s campus. I am currently play defense on the Loyola Men’s Club Lacrosse team. Lacrosse has been an impactful part of my life since I started participating in eighth grade. I played varsity all four years of high school, and became captain my senior year at The Gunnery School. I believe athletics have a very beneficial affect on one’s ability to work as a team and perceiver through adversity. In high school I also played varsity football for three years, and junior varsity hockey. I have always felt gravitation towards leadership roles and feel comfortable in such a position.
  • Besides academics and athletics, I also participate in the economics club at Loyola, called the Adam Scott ClubI am also a member of Loyola’s Financial Management Association, an organization whose mission includes providing opportunities for professional interaction between students, professionals, and academics. Most recently, I captained our club lacrosse team as we participated in Loyola University Maryland’s Relay for Life in March.



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