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I am currently employed by Loyola University Maryland’s Recreational Sports as a Fitness Center Consultant. I began work here in January of this year. As a fitness center consultant I administer a clean, safe, and fun atmosphere for members and guests who visit the Fitness Center. I oversee the safety of fitness center participants by enforcing area policies, promoting safe exercise technique, and provide general assistances with cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Finally, I greet and welcome members and guests, and ensure a healthy environment that inspires exercise adherence.

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Most recently I was employed by The Washington Club as Golf Club Staff. I began work there in April of 2014 and left upon the start of this past fall’s academic calendar. I worked at The Washington Club mostly during the summers between school. As a member of the golf club staff I was responsible for a team of 20 individual golfers for the junior golf clinic, while facilitating the management and oversight of golf shop transactions, client service, and event organization. I optimized and managed several programs to create operational efficiencies related to golf shop operation. Lastly, I contributed to the professional development of operations, providing mentoring opportunities related to career development.


My other prior employment includes working as a Phonathon Associate for Loyola University Maryland’s Annual Fund. I worked at the fund from February to April of 2016. As a member of the Phonathon team I was responsible for fundraising coordination program, working to raise capital for Loyola’s Annual Fund. I worked extensively with Loyola financial support personnel, facilitating the management and oversight of fund operations. My efforts contributed to the development of donations from alumni and parents for Loyola’s Annual Fund with a fundraising goal of 22 million.


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