My Interests


Gunnery Varsity Football, November 2013

  • One interest that has entertained me throughout my life is sports. I mention on the Extracurricular Activities page that I participate on the Club Lacrosse team at my school currently, and that I was a two varsity sport in high school. My interest in sports, however, began at a very young age as I participated in soccer and ice hockey at age four. I have always enjoyed playing on a team, and experiencing the culture and camaraderie tied to each sport. If I was not playing a sport, I always have and still do enjoy watching them. My favorite teams include the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.


  • My main academic interests include history and economics, although I have enjoyed most of the business-oriented classes that I completed so far. I find it interesting to see how the different subject apply to the business world in their individual way, and how they can be used compatibility.

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