Loyola University Maryland

Classes Taken Thus Far

GPA: 3.89
Freshmen Fall Semester, 2015

Understanding Literature, EN 101

Microeconomic Principles, EC102

Calculus, MA151

Computer Science, CS111

Foundations of Philosophy, PL201

Freshmen Spring Semester, 2016

Effective Writing, WR100

Macroeconomic Principles, EC103

Introduction to Theology, TH201

Introduction to Communication, CM203

Biology Food: Environment and Human Impact, BL 120

Sophomore Fall Semester, 2016

Modern World History: United States II, HS100

Intermediate German II, GR104

Financial Accounting, AC201

Marketing, MK240

Business Statistics, Ec220

Sophomore Spring Semester, 2017

Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern, AH111

Managerial Accounting, AC202

Management Information Systems, IS251

Financial Management, FI320

World Christianity, TH265

Class Projects

Introduction to Theology: Controversial Topics

Women Within the Roman Catholic Church Presentation

Women Within the Roman Catholic Church Paper

Intermediate German II: Marketing Pitch

Meissen, Germany: The Color Run

Marketing: Research on Company of Choice

Under Armour

Effective Writing: Persuasive Essay

High School Start Times


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