One of the most rewarding and beneficial interests of mine is traveling. There is so much to learn and experience every time one goes some place new. Spring 2018 I was lucky enough to be offered a spot to study abroad in Lyon, France.

I am a strong believer that travel is the best education. Education through real world experience and situations teaches us things one would not receive in a classroom. Elementary schools would not emphasize field trips if this were not true; studying abroad is the adult version of field trips. Spending a semester in Europe with the castles, churches, and museums will show me history and art. Learning how to fund and then deciding how much I can spend will teach me finance. Although arguably most importantly, knowing how to handle lost luggage, missed trains, and possible language barriers will give me real life experience; this experience cannot be taught in a classroom and perhaps is the most important lesson to be learnt.

Leaving the comforts of home, whether that be the home in New Jersey or my home at Loyola, will force me to mature.  To be completely honest this adventure, leaving the country and experiencing a completely different world, does scare me a little. But, I think that is the best part! Every single time I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and did something that scared me, it was the most rewarding. Coming home after this experience will leave me with, hopefully many pictures, and more importantly a feeling of accomplishment.

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    Hi Jacqui I found your page through our shared interest in accounting! I as well am looking to complete the 150 credits within 5 years, and hope to become CPA certified. I noticed you are minoring in Information Systems, I was choosing between a minor in Information Systems and Computer Science, and went with Computer Science. I am curious to hear about how you are enjoying the field of Information Systems. What is your favorite part about it? I also noticed you live in Medford New Jersey, that is so funny because one of my roommates lives right around there! I hope in the future I will see you in the accounting classroom or around campus.

    • Profile photo of Schmidt Jacqueline f.

      Hi Anne, it is great to connect with you and hear that you are also an accounting major. I just transferred to Loyola this past fall in 2016 and I have not gotten the chance to meet many other accounting majors. I would love to grab coffee with you and talk about upcoming accounting courses. My email is in the ‘about me’ section of my e-portfolio, feel free to reach out!

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    Hi Jacqui! Your interest page is very informative and detailed and after reading your interests, it seems that we also have common interests! I am also from New Jersey and am interested in stepping out into the world. I believe your point of the view on the world is very intriguing. I have also traveled to Europe before, although it was not France, it provided me with an environment and learning experience that being at home or Loyola can provide me. I hope to see you around and I hope you have a wonderful time in Lyon!

    • Profile photo of Schmidt Jacqueline f.

      Hi Samantha, thank you for visiting my e-portfolio. I have only been to England so Europe is very new to me! Although I am an accounting major I love history and so I am very grateful for the opportunity.

      Thanks again for visiting my site!

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    Hi Jacqueline! It looks like we have a lot in common since I as well will be studying in Lyon, France Spring 2018. I chose Lyon because I love France, the culture, the food and because I will be attending a business school there. What classes are you going to take abroad? I plan on taking FI 340, upper-level English, upper-level history and Legal Environment of Business but I can’t decide what I will be taking for my fifth class. I am so excited to travel throughout Europe, we should plan some trips together!

    • Profile photo of Schmidt Jacqueline f.

      Hi Alexis, it is so great to connect with other students in the Lyon program. I choose Lyon for similar reasons, as well as the well-know university and its strength in business.

      I believe I am also taking some of my upper-level core classes as well as Legal Environment of Business. My email is in the ‘about me’ section of my profile. Feel free to reach out, I would love to meet!

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