Work Experience

Sand Stand, Shift Supervisor, Medford Lakes, New Jersey

August 2015-Current

Sand Stand is a locally owned ice cream store five minutes away from my home where I had my first job. Besides serving ice cream responsibilities included: checking and restocking inventory, maintaining organization and ensuring cleanliness. As time progressed I was promoted to shift supervisor. I managed the employees during the shift and oversaw that tasks were completed. At the end of the shift it was my job to count the money, close the register, and book the transactions.

Medford Fitness, Front Desk, Medford, NJ

August 2015-September 2016

At Medford Fitness I handled customer inquiries such as new customer memberships and product information. I handled the selling of swim lessons and did the scheduling for private, group, and competitive practices.

I also helped customers with billing information, such as: late fee charges, changing payment methods, and account freezes. At the end of each shift I closed out my register and made sure the books were balanced.

Working at Medford Fitness, as a desk assistant, has immensely improved my ability to work with people. There will be times when customers are not pleased and I learned the best way to handle situations and keep customers happy and calm. Working at the front desk I realized that busy times can get very hectic. To ensure customer happiness and smooth shifts it was always extremely important to stay organized; restock printer paper, keep membership information readily available, etc.

Medford Fitness, Insanity Live Instructor, Medford, New Jersey

February 2016-September 2016

As a group exercise instructor I led exercise classes around 3 times a week. It was my job to motivate and create a positive environment for my class.

Being an insanity live instructor has greatly improved my public speaking skills. In the beginning I was always very nervous to teach. As time progressed I became increasingly more comfortable leading classes. The public speaking skills I gained from being an instructor has also infiltrated into other areas of life. I feel more comfortable giving presentations in class and feel my communication skills have improved as well.

I was asked by Gap Inc. Athleta to be a guest instructor. Athleta is a worldwide active lifestyle company that has a strong focus on the empowerment of women.

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