Here at Loyola we have core curriculum that every business major must fulfill. Click here if you would like to see the core curriculum that a Management Major such as myself must fulfill.

Here is an example of a project that I completed for my information systems class:

qualtrics 1

This screenshot shows the page to my online survey on qualtrics. My two partners and I created a survey designed to be taken by people who have read more than two books in the past year. We asked all sorts of questions. For example we asked whether they preferred fiction or non-fiction. We also asked other basic questions like what education level they are at, and whether they are male or female. We sent our survey out to anyone we knew through Facebook, email, and text. After one or two weeks we got 142 responses. Now it was time to clean up the data and get rid of any responses that would have been toxic to our results. (This would be someone who only completed a question or two and then left the survey) Once we had cleaned up our data, it was time to analyze.

qual 2


We even made queries and ran them through Microsoft Access. Our queries showed the relationships or correlation between different responses. For example, in our survey more Females tended to favor non-fiction than males did. Our results also reflected that people tend to read more for business than for pleasure these days, but that may have just been because most of our respondents were college students. We ran six other queries as well.


We were able to make sense of the data and acted on what we learned, which I believe translates well for modern corporations. Through this project, we learned skills such as survey design and query-based data analysis.


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