My Work/Projects

Tenable Network Security- Internship

180la- Internship

  • During this year long internship I worked directly under co-founder and chairman Chris Mendola to create, design, and collaborate as part of a select group of interns. There I personally created advertising campaigns and commercials specifically for Asics.
    • Commercial 1: Life is difficult. It can be more difficult for some than others due to disabilities. To overcome obstacles, you need mental strength, and to work even harder to get to where you want to be – and you will get there with a sound mind and a sound body. (All editing, sound/music, uploading is solely my work)
    • Commercial 2: Sometimes in a competition, finding happiness and a stress free head space is the key to finding success. In this ad, we see a junior olympic runner, Michelle Jenneke,  enjoying herself and finding her “sound mind sound body” prior to a race. Younger athletes, as well as women, will be able to relate to this ad.
    • Our Pitch to Company Partners: The select intern group and myself proposed a thorough marketing pitch, then presented it to the top company partners and executives.


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