Cover Letter

Loyola University Maryland

4501 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21210, United States

13th March 2016


Dear to whom this may concern,

Living in Dubai, a city which is hugely influential in the business world, has inspired my passion for business marketing. As one of the cultural centers of the world, I am surrounded by multinational companies and a growing economy that provide me with ample opportunity to observe the business world in motion. It is a lifelong dream of mine to become a director of marketing operations at a big firm. As a result, I believe that attending Loyola University Maryland for a Master’s Degree will play a vital role in helping me to achieve this ambition.


Firstly, I’ve done my research and found that Loyola Maryland University require an accumulative grade point average of 3.3 out of 4 and I graduated with a 3.75 with honors. My education so far at high school and at the American University of Dubai has helped me develop marketing skills as well as put them into action. For instance, recently, I had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice through a local University competition. I was one of only four students in the entire group selected to take part in the business team representing my University. Working against a challenging brief and as part of a young team, we successfully created a product design that was suited to our target market. This also enabled me to employ my psychology skills which is a big part of marketing, when considering how best to focus on the intended clientele. As a result, we managed to place our design in the top five of the entire competition. Being part of such an achievement has only ignited my passion for marketing even further.


I also increased my organizational and time management skills with my current job as a coach at the International Football Academy where I coach kids of ages 6-11. Furthermore, I also had an internship in June of 2014 at the Strategic Data Communications firm in Jebel Ali where I used my accounting skills to build different cash flow statements. Furthermore, spending my time in a business setting has developed my knowledge and understanding of how a business works. On the other hand, I am also an extremely dedicated footballer and have played for the AUD Knights team and got the award of most valuable player in spring of 2016. I also joined the culture club where I met people of different cultures and backgrounds and gained lots of knowledge about the different beliefs and values shared amongst different groups of people.


Undertaking a Master’s program at the Loyola Maryland University is the key to achieving my life long goals. I believe that I have the determination and ambition to succeed in this field.



Mohamed Abdourahman

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