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My brother, mom and dad.

My brother, mom and dad.


I come from a family of four and I have an older brother who went to Loyola as well. My family is everything to me. Each person serves as a role model to me and as a friend as well. My father worked for Johnson and Johnson and my mother works for Morgan Stanley, which is why I wanted to go in to business. My brother is graduating from Loyola in May 2017 and is going to dental school at The University of Pennsylvania. After finding my passion for social justice issues and seeing how I can make impact on fighting them, I found that a career in Law is what I wanted.


Me playing soccer

I grew up playing soccer my whole life and was originally committed to play at another school before Loyola but decided to just focus on academics instead. I also continue to workout weekly and go to the turf to play soccer on the weekends. Soccer has been a huge part of my life and I continue to follow it when I can as well. My favorite team is FC Barcelona and my favorite player is Xavi.

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    Hi Matthew Cannon! You seem very similar to me when it comes to interests! I too love to play soccer and go to the gym. I agree that it can be a great distraction from all of the school work. Also I have done a lot of research and it turns out that going to the gym releases good hormones and can increase your mood significantly. Overall, it is a great hobby to have!

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    After reading your “My interest” page, I can tell that family and sports are a very important part of your life. I do not have as big of a family as you do, but we do have one thing in common; a brother. My brother’s name is Ethan. Ethan is 18 years old and my younger brother. I am excited to say that my younger brother is following in my footsteps and will attend Loyola University next year. As an older brother, I try to be a role model in every aspect of his life. I set a good example for my brother to follow, helping him become a man and become more mature. I hope to make an impact on his life and time at Loyola just like your brother did to you.

    As well as having a brother, we also share a love for sports. Where you have a love for soccer, I have a love for basketball. In high school, I played three sports: soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. When I came to college, I decided to focus only on basketball. I am currently a member on the Loyola Men’s Basketball Team. I have found this experience to be amazing in so many ways. My teammates make me love the game of basketball even more which makes me realize that I can never let go of the sport.

    I would love to get in touch with you or set up a meeting to discuss the impact of family and sports on your life. I will send you an email to figure out a convenient time to meet in person or have a phone conversation. I am looking forward to setting up a meeting with you.

    Best Regards,
    Samuel Norton

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