Part of me discovering my interests in social justice came through service. Upon coming to Loyola I was never really involved in service. That changed after my freshmen year when I decided to volunteer at Govans Elementary School and spend my spring break on an immersion trip learning about urban poverty. This year I spent 8-10 hours a week doing service as well as doing a spring break immersion trip with a focus on civil rights. Getting involved in service has allowed me to set my goals and work towards my aspirations which are spoken upon more here. Below I have provided pictures and descriptions on my involvement.

Govans Elementary and Walter. P Carter

Govans Elementary and Walter. P Carter are two schools in Baltimore that I volunteer at Monday’s and Wednesday’s. At Govans I serve as an assistant to the after school program. Doing this has allowed me to develop a relationship with the kids through sports, arts and crafts and theater. At Walter. P Carter I serve as a reading, writing and math tutor to kindergartners. Seeing both the academics and the extra curricular activities at two different schools raised my awareness about the disparity that is all around Baltimore and other cities. With education being so important in the development of children it made me want to make a change in the future and change the gap in public schools.


Spring Break Outreach: Selma, Alabama 

Spring Break Outreach is an alternative spring break trip that focuses on social justices. The trip I went on focused on civil rights and took place in Selma, AL. On this trip I met foot soldiers who marched on Bloody Sunday as well as figures who were on the forefront of the first civil rights movement. I learned about voter suppression and how it impacts people of color and the effects it has on people. My biggest take away from this was that all over the United States people are still oppressed and it is not being spoken about. After being in churches, restaurants ad buildings that Martin Luther King Jr. once walked, I realized the truth in the quote ” An injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere”. The same laws passed to suppress voters in Alabama have been introduced in the state house of Maryland. I plan to follow this closely and educate people so they can help fight against future plans.



Me walking on the Edmund Pettus Bridge with Rev. Jesse Jackson and other leaders


Me sitting in front of the church where Bloody Sunday started


Me standing next to Eric Garnders’ mother

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