My Interests

One thing that I have always been passionate about is soccer. Starting when I was very young, soccer has always been a part of my life. Either as a player or later as a youth referee, I have tried to have soccer be a pastime as well as a job. By working as a referee I gained a new perspective and a new appreciation for the game I have played for a majority of my life. After enrolling in college, I knew I wanted to get involved with the Women’s Club Soccer team on campus. I tried out my freshman year, and from then on, soccer has been one main activity for me here at Loyola. Not only does the team seriously compete with other colleges at a high level of play, but it also fosters a strong group atmosphere that encourages communication and teamwork. I am glad that soccer is part of my collegiate life as I have met many of my good friends through this club.

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In addition to sports, I am also involved in academic clubs on campus. I am a member of the first professional business fraternity on campus, Alpha Kappa Psi Loyola University Maryland Chapter. In the fraternity, I am the Chair of the Marketing Committee. My job involves handling the promotion of our fraternity to our current and prospective members through social media, merchandise, and networking. I am also a member of the Financial Management Association which brings guests speakers and panelists to campus in order for members to gain valuable insight on the financial world outside the classroom.

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