Volunteer Work

Service is extremely emphasized at a Jesuit University, and at Loyola University Maryland there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities. The Center for Community Social Justice (CCSJ) has opportunities for students to volunteer in the neighboring community to Loyola. Through a program called York Road Initiative, students partner with community members in an effort to collaborate on projects that will ultimately help the education and well-being of residents as well as the upkeep of York Road. In addition to York Road Initiative, I participate in Relay for Life events that aim to fundraise money for cancer research. This organization is very important to me, and I love that Loyola is so supportive of Reay for Life all year long.

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Before college, I was a part of the service club for my high school called Key Club. This club focused on many types of service. I participated in many food drives, book drives, and I also helped serve food at our local soup kitchen. My favorite volunteer opportunity that I had not only participated in but also organized was called “Trick or Suites.” In an effort to give disabled children a chance to celebrate Halloween, my high school partnered with the PG Chambers School. Many of these kids and families could not enjoy Halloween like so many others are able to because of safety concerns. As a club, we rented out a floor of a local Embassy Suites hotel and decorated rooms for the families and kids to visit. It was a very rewarding experience to give these kids dressed in full costumes a fun, and safe Halloween.


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