My Interests

Music is one of my greatest interests. I actively write, perform, and produce music at Loyola University Maryland. While writing, performing, and producing are all vital steps in the process of bringing music to the world, marketing and promoting are also very important. Fortunately, I am fascinated by the world of marketing which allows me to take particular interest in both the creation and promotion of my material. I chose marketing as a major because I plan on utilizing my acquired understandings and skills to promote my future music projects.

Branching away from the arts, another interest of mine is modern healthcare. I have learned so much working amongst nursing administrators and executives at Johns Hopkins Hospital. My information systems minor goes well with this interest as I plan on developing a stable career in nursing administration once I graduate in 2018.

I enjoy traveling because visiting new places allows me to explore my world more deeply. I wish to immerse myself in new cultures, form new relationships, and explore a new world of possibilities as an individual through travel. The world is vast and incomprehensible to those who observe it from the comfort of their homes. I believe that to truly understand what the world has to offer, people must leave their homes.

I plan on combining all of my interests to sculpt my future.

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