In addition to classes for a students major, Loyola also requires us to take a variety of core classes in order to diversify our overall learning experience. Click here in order to view the academic worksheet for management majors. In addition to this list of classes I have also taken Intro to Human Communication, Intermediate Spanish I, and Cultural Anthropology. These additional electives have helped me to obtain a well-rounded education that I will be able to use in the real world.

One class that I felt was beneficial to my development as a business student was International Business. Not only was the curriculum relevant to real world trading and business issues, but it also allowed me and my classmates to engage in a real life international business venture. This business venture is called “X-Culture”, which is a semester long project in which we are teamed up with international business students from around the world to design an in depth business plan for a relevant international company. The company my team chose was Polaris and we spend months researching, analyzing, and gathering data in order to make a sensible business plan that we ultimately offered to the company.


This project was so unique in that we were forced to deal with issues that occur in real life international business ventures. We had weekly deadlines in which we had to coordinate with our team members from across the country. This caused conflict at times because we needed to find a time that everyone could work on the project and collaborate. Although this project was extremely challenging, I am more than glad that I was able to experience a real life international business project. Click here in order to view my letter of recommendation from the x-culture project coordinator discussing my performance on this project.

Another class that I am proud of my accomplishments in is English Literature because I feel like I was able to portray my writing skills very well. We read various poems, novels, and other literature that was very engaging. Click here in order to read my final research paper, discussing William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell in relation to the Romantic Era. I took a lot of pride in writing this paper because it was a topic that I was very interested in.

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