Work Experience


Wave Seafood Kitchen: Hostess

From May 2016- August 2016 I worked as a hostess at Wave Seafood Kitchen. This job required me to greet, interact with, and accommodate guests. Additionally, I greeted customers on the phone and booked all dining reservations.  I was also responsible for planning out the floor’s seating arrangements and communicating with servers and managers in regards customer service problems and special requests.

This job allowed me to become more aware of how much work goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant. It gave me a greater appreciation of all the hard work that goes into the small details and planning of providing customers with a satisfying restaurant experience. It also allowed me to develop greater interpersonal skills, which I know will help me in any career I choose.


Smithtown Recreation Tennis Camp: Tennis Instructor

Due to my love of tennis, I was an instructor for young children and teens throughout the summer of 2016. I provided guidance and instruction to both beginner and intermediate players while organizing drills, games and other activities that were constructive to the player’s development. By keeping an upbeat and positive attitude I was able to provide encouragement that allowed the players to further pursue the game of tennis.

I found this experience to be very rewarding in that I was able to communicate my love of tennis to both beginners and intermediate level players. It made me proud to watch them improve throughout the summer and made me happy to know that I contributed to their growth as a player.



Saints Philip and James Summer Camp: Camp Counselor

In the summer of 2014 I was a church camp dance counselor where I supervised and interaction with young children from the ages of 5-13. Additionally, I was responsible for choreographing original dances for all age groups and teaching them to preform it. The following summer (2015) I was promoted to a group counselor, in which I was given more responsibility for the children. As a group counselor I oversaw the children’s daily activities and followed a regimented schedule, which included arts and crafts, music, dance, and drama.

From this job I learned the importance of having acceptance and patience toward different types of children. I learned how to interact with children and was able to adapt and provide assurance to these children. I also was able experience their joy and happiness and took pride and appreciation in knowing that I had helped to make their summers both memorable and fun.


Saints Philip and James Church: Secretary/Greeter

My first job was as a secretary/greeter at my parish’s rectory office. I held this position from December 2013- August 2014, when I left for college. Through this job I further connected with people of my parish community and developed clerical and organizational skills. I answered the phone, coordinated appointments for Church ceremonies, filed registration forms for Church programs and provided a hospitable, welcoming atmosphere for fellow parishioners and guests.

Through this job I gained an appreciation for importance of community. I was able to form relationships with church members, priests, and other important figures in parish. I also gained organizational skills as well as interpersonal relations that helped me gain future employment opportunities. I am proud of my first job and how it affected me in a more personal sense rather than a business sense.

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