At Loyola, there are a variety of classes that I must take in order to graduate as a Marketing major and to help prepare me for life outside of Loyola when I am working. To view the classes that I must take in order to be a Marketing major click here to view the academic worksheet. In addition, I took CM 203- Introduction to Communication and CM 204- Introduction to Multimedia

Introduction to Multimedia was extremely beneficial to my major because even though it is a communication class, I was able to develop my creativity in video and website design. I took it during the spring 2015. In class we had to create a blog where we would do daily entries about class filming us describing the class and what we learned. As our final project we had to put together a video of all of the photos we had taken during the semester and that matched the different lessons we learned. To view my blog click here.

A class from the Fall 2015 semester that is extremely beneficial to me is Marketing, as it is the introduction to my major and provided me with useful tools that will enhance my professional skills. In this class, we have worked with PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.


During the course of the semester, students in MK240 had to work on a group project that involved picking a company to present on their marketing strategy. My group decided to focus on GoPro because their marketing campaigns were very unique since most of their footage was shot on their products. To view the PowerPoint that my group and I created further discussing GoPro click  here. This project focused on what I would like to do in the Marketing field, which is researching a company and seeing their strengths and weaknesses.

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