My Interests

Community service:

Mary Manning Walsh 

Below is a picture of some of the workers at Mary Manning entertaining the residents


Community service has always been a big part of my life since I was in the ninth grade. During the summer 2010, I was visiting my grandma at Mary Manning Walsh, which is a nursing home and rehabilitation center in New York City, and I saw how many elderly people did not have any family visiting them. I signed up as a volunteer that summer and in 2013. While there I had many different tasks: visiting rooms of sick and dying patients to accompany and converse with them during hours in which family was not present, attending church with patients and accompanying them in prayer, and assisting nurses in bringing patients to and from rehabilitation center and doctors’ appointments. I learned a great deal about caring for the elderly but also about life by conversing with these people that were just looking for someone to share their stories and advice with.

Habitat for Humanity 


In my senior year of high school, I became the vice president of Habitat for Humanity at my school. The president and I organized many different builds in the different boroughs of New York City. We also made announcements during our weekly meetings about upcoming builds and also during the announcements that the entire high school had to attend on Monday mornings. I got many freshmen interested in the different builds and projects that Habitat was doing because some had never heard of Habitat for Humanity’s work before. Aside from builds, our club also orchestrated events that the lower school children could be a part of. One was a father and daughter key holder build. The lower schoolers were able to paint and put together wooden key holders with their dads in the cafeteria of our school. It was great to see how they decorated and worked with their fathers and how into constructing them even though the majority of the girls were 9 or 10.

Govans Elementary School 

Below is a picture of the outside of the school



During the fall 2014, I completed service learning at Govans Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland. I worked in a classroom filled with kids that had special needs. Many of the children were in the third grade and I helped their teachers complete lessons with them. I went every week and assisted children with their math and writing problems.  It was great to see the children that might have been struggling with their multiplication problems really excel at them during my final weeks there.


I think that photography is such a crucial part of my life because it really lets me express what I am feeling. I love being able to tell a story just with pictures and hearing different people that view it’s interpretation of my work.

While in high school I took a photography course every year. In senior year I was accepted into AP Photography where I enhanced my craft and completed many different projects that were special to me. One project we had to complete was a life story. I decided to focus on my maternal grandparents because they both had passed away shortly before the semester started. When my family was going through their house before selling it, I photographed each room so I could always have pictures of the memories that I had once had there. While the project was extremely special to me, my art teacher had high praise for it even putting it on display in my school.


Below is a picture of my doubles partner and me in a match


Sports have always been a big part of my life. Since I was young I was on baseball, basketball, volleyball, and badminton teams. While I started the other teams at a young age badminton I did not start playing until my sophomore year of high school. I played doubles my sophomore, junior, and senior year and I loved the competition but also getting to work with my partner to win the sets. I was awarded the most spirited award in the spring 2014 because I would always cheer for my fellow team members when I was not playing my own game.

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