Work Experience

Town & Country Magazine– Marketing Intern


From June 2016 until July 2016, I worked at Town & Country magazine as a Marketing Intern. During this time I assisted the Marketing team in organizing events, edit credits, and research. I contacted over 100 customers about attending events and put together more than 200 gift bags for these events as well. I also researched different companies that the magazine had upcoming meetings with and typed the information into Word documents to send to the head of Marketing Research. From this information, I was able to highlight areas or information for the publisher to place emphasis on during the meeting. I read many reliable news sources to make sure the information was a hundred percent accurate. Additionally, I put together Excel documents of Town & Country’s data with their competitors. The comparative sales analysis that I completed was then sent to everyone in the Marketing department so they could have it available when meeting with clients.  As well as doing research and helping organize events, I completed edit credits for the new edition of the magazine that came out every month. After I typed up the different brands on an Excel document that was mentioned throughout the magazine, I put the different brands they were associated with and put the page number. The edit credits were then sent to everyone in the Marketing department so letters could be written to the different brands that were mentioned, letting them know where to look for their advertisements or mentions.

During my time as a Marketing Intern at Town & Country in the summer of 2016, I worked with Microsoft Excel and Word daily. I was able to use the skills, which I learned at Loyola to analyze the data in order to form a meaningful conclusion that ultimately helped the company know which customers needed to be contacted, how they matched up with their competition, and the information they should put emphasis on in order to acquire new partnerships.

Sikelia Productions– Summer Intern


From May 2015 until August 2015, I worked at Sikelia Productions as a Marketing intern. During this time, I xeroxed and emailed copies of scripts, for shows they were currently producing, to the assistants of Martin Scorsese, who is the president of the production company. Additionally, I sorted through the daily mail that arrived at the office and read carefully through the magazines to see if anything about the company was mentioned. If an aspect of the company was mentioned, I bookmarked the page and brought it to the archives so it could be stored. Also I ran or picked up documents and packages to and from their other offices throughout New York City.

At the end of the summer, I was better able to work under pressure as a result of my work with Sikelia Productions. There were times when the company had many different tasks to complete or errands to run, especially when the director was coming into the office, and I managed to avoid stress and quickly complete what needed to be done.

Weill Cornell Medical College– Summer Employee for Dr. Harvey Klein


I worked in Dr. Harvey Klein’s private practice from June 2011 until July 2011 and again during the summer 2012. While there I filed medical reports and lab results into patients’ charts so when the doctor needed information about a patient at a fast pace, the secretaries or nurse could easily find it. Additionally, I set up new patients’ charts and revised old charts when necessary that way all of the information was up to date.

At the end of both summers, I was better able to organize reports and categorize medical records.


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