As a Jesuit school, Loyola features a common Liberal Arts curriculum which allows for me to broaden my knowledge in all areas and not just marketing. This allowed me to take classes in writing, history, Spanish, and much more. Every class I take in the business school and liberal arts school allow me to be better prepared for my future regardless of the field I go into. Marketing is essential for all businesses and with my liberal arts background due to the core I will be able to relate to any business field. Below are a few key projects I have been able to work on in my past years at Loyola.

Key Projects:

Writing Portfolio: In my creative writing 101 class, I created three key pieces of writing that I was able to work on all semester in order to fine tune my writing skills. Writing is a key skill to have in any business career. My three papers included topics such as Socratic teaching, the growth of golf, and a creative piece on a ski town in Canada. To see my papers please click on the above topics.

Sports Marketing Promotional Plan: For one of my favorite courses, Sports Marketing, we were given the task of creating a promotional plan for a real life sports team where we saw a new potential market. My team and I focused on increasing the target market of the Baltimore Raven’s to college aged students. To view our presentation please click here.

Target Market Analysis: In Consumer Behavior, we were to teach the class about one course concept. My partner and I focused on the target market for Sprite in the following youtube video.

Market Strategy Analysis: For my introductory marketing class I participated in a team to create a full analysis on Apple’s marketing strategy for the Apple Watch. In my team, we collected data and analyzed the strategy using marketing concepts we learned in class. At the end of our report, we held a 25-minute presentation in front of our class to explain our findings. To read our report on Apple please click here.

Stock Market Price Analysis: In my information systems class I collected stock market data on McDonald’s, compiled the data to create a regression analysis in Microsoft Excel, and analyzed the data to create buy, hold, sell recommendations on the future stock market price. This project allowed me to learn more about the stock market and enhance my excel skills. Below is a screenshot of this project.
Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.00.15 PM



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