At Loyola, I am currently studying as a marketing major. There are a variety of classes that I need to take in order to graduate, that help me to become a well-rounded student and prepare me for life after Loyola. This semester, I am enrolled in 5 courses: Applied Calculus, Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, Management and International Business. Attached is a link to all of the courses that I am required to take in order to graduate as a marketing major.

This semester, my Information Systems class has been incredibly beneficial to me. It has taught me useful abilities that will help me in the future, as well as enhance my resume. Through this class, I have become more proficient in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, blogging, and Qualtrics, Throughout the semester, students are required to publish three blogs explaining their viewpoints on technological articles. These blogs help us to be informed on today’s technological advances, and form our own opinions on them. For my second blog, I wrote about the new “smart” fitting rooms that Ralph Lauren is testing in one of its stores.

Also in Information Systems, I completed a Stock Price Analysis. For this project, I used Microsoft Excel to organize a large amount of data about the stock prices of NIKE, Inc., and a few of it’s competitors. Then, I ran a regression to analyze the data I had found, in order to do a write up to advise someone to hold, buy, or sell stock in NIKE, Inc.

Computer Science is another course that was incredibly beneficial to me. Through this course I learned how to write HTML codes, JavaScript, and became much more proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.  One of our projects was to create a survey using only HTML coding, asking participants to answer questions about their favorite sports to watch, the classes they are taking, new classes that they would like to see Loyola offer, and the name of their favorite professor.

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