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Volleyball has been a major part of my life since 2010. Since joining my high school’s team at the beginning of my freshman year, I have played four high school seasons, three high school club seasons, two summer seasons, and I just finished my first club season at Loyola. I was appointed as captain during my senior year of high school, and led my team to the Connecticut state championships. In order to secure my role as captain, I needed to be elected by my teammates as well as my three coaches. My volleyball experience has taught me how to be a great teammate, and how to manage my time, and serving as captain taught me how to lead a team and make sure everyone is working together toward a common goal.

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Relay for Life

I have participated in six Relay for Life relays since 2011. Relay for Life is an annual event that raises money for cancer research. After forming a team, you work for months before the event to raise as much money as you possibly can. Then, all of the teams come together for a 12 or 24-hour relay to celebrate the amount that they have donated to the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life is very special to me, because my father is a cancer survivor. In the summer of 2014, two weeks before I moved into and began my freshman year at Loyola, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. This was especially hard for me, because I was transitioning into college as my family life was turned upside down. By the time Relay for Life came to Loyola in April 2015, my dad had been cured, and my experience with cancer made the event much more meaningful to me.

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Volunteering is something that I am incredibly passionate about. I love helping others and making a positive impact in their days. In 2013, I participated in a one-week service trip in Worcester, Massachusetts through a program called Young Neighbors in Action. My group and I volunteered for an average of nine hours a day to build a garden and fence for immigrant seminarians, to provide them with a place to relax and unwind.

This past summer I was incredibly involved with the House of Bread in Hartford, Connecticut. On Sundays a group of volunteers from my parish, St. Patrick’s, would travel to the House of Bread facility and cook and serve breakfast for those in need. This experience was very eye opening to me, as I served families with young children who could not afford food to eat. The House of Bread had an incredible impact on me, and taught me to be more grateful for my surroundings.

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    Hello Taylor, I see that we have many similar interests. We are both marketing majors with interests in digital marketing. I think it is great that you love to volunteer and give back. I too have been participating in Relay for Life for the past six years and think that it is such a great event. I too am extremely passionate about giving back, having been a People to People Ambassador and achieving the President’s Volunteering Service Award. Sports have been a big part of my life as well, and am on the Club Swim Team at Loyola. It has been through swimming that I have learned so many valuable lessons and I see you have as well. It is through these lessons of being a good teammate, time management and leadership, which will be beneficial for us in the business world.

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